a poem by D. Wyn. Price, 2019

*Please know that I do not own this image or mean any copyright or infringement to Disney or the Funko Pop business, this is a picture of what my husband gave me for my Valentine’s day present as I am a huge fan of Disney’s Lilo and Stitch and a Funko Pop Collector.

A different kind of Valentine,
In truth I must confess,
The thoughts upon this holiday,
Cause me much duress,

Although I am well loved,
He tells me all the time,
Love is in the actions,
Not within the mind.

Don’t tell me that you love me,
I need to see it in action.
Mere words cannot move me
Or bring me satisfaction.

A dozen roses smell pretty
But only at half the price,
And when you follow in the crowd
They smell only half as nice.

A box of candy to a diabetic,
I guess it’s the thought that counts,
If the thought is your trying to kill me
Your love I can renounce.

My love demands originality,
Not what the stores can sell
Show me that you know me,
To keep me in your spell.

Another whispered nothing,
A trinket bought on a whim,
That is the best way to loose me
Send me off with him.

A candle light dinner?
A balloon and a card,
Another Hallmark holiday,
Buried in the yard.

Write to me a sonnet,
Your own words to express how you feel.
Let me hear your feelings in verse.
That’s how I know it’s real.

Paint for me a picture,
Of the things I cherish most,
To hang upon the wall,
And of your love, I’ll boast.

Surprise me with originality
Serenade me with your song,
Remind me of our first night,
When nights are cold and long.

But show me cause it’s Tuesday,
Not some day that is set aside,
Show me in the daily struggle,
Our love, that we cannot hide.

I look into your eyes and see,
A thousand starry nights.
The eighth wonder of my universe,
My private northern lights.

A child’s laugh that rings like chimes,
A warm body next to mine
These are things that show me love,
Every needed sign.

I don’t need a day on the calendar,
Nor trinket of pink or red,
To know I live inside your heart,
Or dwell inside your head.

So mark off Valentine’s day from the year,
It’s just another day.
Don’t do anything for me dear,
It just gets in the way.

Give me roses, on my birthday
Half the cost for more than twice
Knowing they were given because you love me,
And at such a great price.

Poet, published writer, artist Native to NC, enjoying coastal living. Decent human being. Grateful.

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